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Meadow Bílá louka

The large wold among Luční mountain, Studniční mountain and Hraniční ridge. The biggest part of meadow is grass-hidden. In the east the meadow schuffles to Úpa´s peat-bogs. Not far from there the biggest czech river Labe (Elbe) originates. Bílá louka is important crossroads of tourist ways and the famoust chalet of Giant mountains - Luční chalet stands in its center. This meadow is often start-point for trips to Obří saddle and mountain Sněžka.
Meadow Bílá loukaMeadow Bílá louka
Meadow in winter
Luční chalet at Bílá loukaLuční chalet at Bílá louka
Meadow Bílá louka with Luční chalet
Chalet LučníChalet Luční
Meadow Bílá louka with Luční chalet